13cabs is Cannibalising the Cab Industry

The move by 13cabs into rideshare is damaging for the cab industry in Australia. 13cabs is cannibalising the cab industry.

The launch of 13privatehire means rideshare cars are being passed off as taxis to compete against taxis. Why else would a rideshare vehicle have a hail light, when customers can’t hail rideshare? It deliberately causes confusion so that consumers can’t tell rideshare from cabs.

This move by 13cabs has removed the requirement for taxis to operate on a taxi licence. Even though rideshare cars cannot do rank or hail work, they will be dispatched the bookings that would normally have been sent to taxis.

This is bad news for taxi owners, drivers and operators because it further devalues taxi licences, means less money in your pocket and means fewer drivers for fewer jobs. It’s simply not on.

13cabs is basically deregulating the taxi industry. Because the state government isn’t releasing any new licences, 13cabs has removed the need for taxis to operate on a taxi licence.

The move by 13cabs is unacceptable for a number of reasons:

  • Our passengers are being tricked into thinking they’re getting a taxi
  • 13cabs rideshare vehicles are passing themselves off as cabs, complete with hail lights and taxi-like livery
  • Rideshare vehicles have no right to rank and hail work
  • 13cabs are devaluing taxi licences and drivers will earn less as they lose work to rideshare taxis

Taxis Need to Unite – Not Fight

The taxi drivers, owners and operators need support – the industry needs to unite not fight. We need to protect the interests of taxi licence owners, operators and drivers across Queensland.

It’s Tough for Taxis – Livelihoods Wrecked by Rideshare

It’s tough for taxi drivers, owners and operators. The hard truth is taxi drivers and licence owners, who partnered with government, are making very limited money. This move by 13cabs is yet another knock to an industry that can’t take many more.

  • Taxis, drivers, owners and operators have taken a beating over the last decade.
  • The taxi industry has been being hit hard as rideshare has all but wiped out our revenue.
  • Currently, taxi operators are not making enough money to cover day-to-day living expenses as border closures continue, more people work from home and businesses close down.
  • We know taxis are bringing home only $150 a month after paying their fees.
  • Taxi licences owners, partnered with government and bought taxi plates for $200-500K per licence. Most of these people were retirees, and their taxi licences are now worth only $40-50K.
  • COVID-19 continues to impact the taxi industry. Lockdowns and more people working from home has caused a lack of demand from travelling passengers.
  • Taxis have had to adapt their services and compete hard to stay in business.